SecureDose Synthetics Inc

Pioneering Synthetic Formulations for Pharmaceutical-Grade Production and Distribution


The development of bio-synthetic formulations of currently existing drugs for pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing and distribution with a specific focus on the potential third wave of drug policy reform


Research and Development

Synthetic Formulations:

• Expertise in designing and developing synthetic substance formulations for optimized safety and efficiency.

Collaborative Research:

• Partnerships with research entities to produce pioneering test batches and evolve our offerings.

GMP Process Development:

• Established protocols for Good Manufacturing Practices ensuring consistent product quality and regulatory compliance.

Product and Distribution

Commercial Scaling:
• Proven methodologies to seamlessly transition from research batches to full-scale commercial production.
Regulated Distribution:
• Vast experience in the marketing and distribution of controlled substances, ensuring safety and reach.

Intellectual Property:
• A strong focus on generating valuable IP, enhancing our competitive edge and market positioning.