Cepharanthine for

Sairiyo is currently focused on advancing the clinical
development of cepharanthine to treat rare forms of


160 peer reviewed studies show benefit in treating cancer alone, or in combination with front line chemotherapeutics

Outstanding safety profile

Approved for more than 70 years by Japanese Regulatory body

Poor oral absorption of original formulation

Has hampered broad use in oncology

PharmaDrug Leads Cepharanthine Development

Secured exclusive rights to a highly bioavailable oral formulation of cepharanthine


Large scale, cancer screen supports ‘hit’ identification


Focused study of cepharanthine alone and in combination with first-line chemotherapies

Initiate Q4, 2021

Evaluation of cepharanthine benefit in gold- standard, preclinical animal models

Initiate Q1, 2022

Elect lead cancer indication and commence clinical cGMP manufacturing (already established)

Phase 1/2a (FDA) study of cepharanthine in
combination with first-line chemotherapeutic